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Oh fer fooks sake lass. I cannae focus on school when yer tagging me in so much hot man. 

(keep going, I like it) 



So imagine Remus skipping meals around the full because he’s working on homework at the table so he doesn’t fall behind and Sirius is so sick of Remus being a stubborn git and not listening to him so one day he just sticks a bite of food in front of Remus’s face when he’s studying and Remus just absentmindedly eats it without looking away from his work so Sirius keeps feeding him and like halfway through Remus realizes what’s going on and is like “omg stahp I can feed myself” and Sirius is like “ummmmm well clearly not since you didn’t even notice that I fed you half of James’s food.”

"James’s food" 
Not Sirius’s food, James’s.



so what if sirius is really uncomfortable asking for physical affection (like hugs or to just be able to sit near someone) because let’s face it, the blacks were lightly not the cuddliest bunch

but he feels okay doing it as padfoot

like when they’re away from people and he won’t be caught, he’ll change into padfoot and pounce on james and lick all over his face, and james just laughs and rolls around with him in the grass (and then james will make it a point to throw his arm over sirius’s shoulders or pull him in for a hug at random times because he figured it out)

or he’ll sit next to peter with his tail wagging until peter caves and just rubs and pets him and maybe even gives him some of the food he smuggled from the kitchens because sirius looked at him with those big, pleading, (literal) puppy dog eyes

but with remus it’s a little different, because it’s not playful like it is with the other two. he’ll just jump on the bed and curl up to him him while he’s reading, pressed so close he’s almost on him with remus’s hand running idly through his fur, until one day he shifts back into sirius, and he’s so nervous and he’s just stiff and waiting for the rejection with his eyes squeezed shut but remus just wraps his arm around him and pulls him closer with a kiss to his forehead and goes back to reading

and sirius hides his smile against remus’s shoulder because he’s so happy and that smile is revealing too much (and he knows remus can still feel it against him) and settles in next to him